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Does your employer do its part to prevent workplace cancer?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Your Alabama work environment can have a serious impact on your overall health, and this holds true regardless of the type of field you work in. Some professions have more obvious risks than others in terms of employee exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances, but regardless of whether the risks you face are overt or more under the radar, your employer has a duty to minimize them as much as possible.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Asbestos, radon and diesel exhaust are among the cancer-causing substances present in many work environments, but secondhand smoke and prolonged sun exposure, too, can enhance your risk of developing work-related cancer. Your odds of developing cancer because of something in your work environment also spike considerably if you smoke, are overweight or are otherwise unhealthy, which is why many employers are increasingly implementing health and wellness programs aimed at improving employees’ overall well-being.

While implementing such programs in the workplace can reduce workers’ risks of developing certain workplace cancers, your employer also has a duty to minimize your risk by providing you with proper protection whenever you are on the clock. For example, if you regularly work outside, having access to shade and sunscreen is critical if you want to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer. Ensuring adequate ventilation and enforcing the wearing of masks when working around chemicals and hazardous substances is another step your employer can take to reduce your cancer risk in the workplace.

This information offers an overview of some steps your employer can take to reduce your risk of developing cancer, but it is not an exhaustive summary, nor a replacement for legal advice.

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