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4 common causes of ladder accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

If you regularly work as an Alabama painter, construction worker or in any number of other roles where you spend time on ladders, it is important to recognize the dangers that occupational ladder use can pose. At The Sapp Law Firm, we advocate for clients who suffer injury on the job, and we have a firm understanding of the types of injuries and hardships ladder falls can cause.

Per Culture of Safety, falls from heights account for about 15 percent of occupational fatalities in America, with about 700 deaths resulting from such incidents each year. The problem appears to be growing, too, with the amount of injuries connected to ladder use spiking 50 percent over the last decade. Your risk of a ladder-use-related injury also increases if you try and carry items while using the ladder, with such instances accounting for about 50 percent of all ladder accidents.

So, what can you do to minimize your risk? Many ladder accidents result from the same four causes. Certain ladders are designed for certain purposes and heights, and using the wrong ladder (for example, one that is too short) for a specific job is a major cause of ladder accidents. So, too, is using a ladder in a manner that strays from its intended use. For example, for a ladder to safely support you, it should have three points of contact to maximize strength and stability.

To reduce your risk of a work-related ladder accident, you must also make sure to place it correctly for use. In other words, take care not to place a ladder near doors, or in common walking areas, and make sure you only use it over level ground. Finally, many ladder-related accidents occur because the ladders themselves are in poor condition. Ladders do not last forever, and their condition tends to deteriorate after years of use, which can place you at risk of falling and injuring yourself. More information about work-related accidents is available on our web page.

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