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Spring driving hazards and how to avoid them

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Spring driving in Alabama may not mean massive amounts of snow and ice, but it still presents unique hazards of its own. Learning how to identify and avoid these seasonal hazards can prove to be the difference between life and death, so AARP has outlined some springtime safety tips for motorists to be aware of before they take to the roadway.

First, there is the issue of increased moisture on the roads, which makes for slick conditions and can prove particularly dangerous if tires are improperly inflated or lacking sufficient tread. When water mixes with grease, gas or oil, it can become even more slippery and dangerous, undermining the importance of slowing down considerably at the first sign of precipitation.

Springtime and warmer temperatures also mean more bikers, pedestrians, construction workers and motorcycles are getting out on the road, making it imperative that motorists increase their awareness and take extra precautions before making turns, crossing intersections and so on. Potholes are also common during the spring due to substantial temperature changes, and keeping tires properly inflated can reduce the damage they cause to vehicles. notes that animals, too, pose a hazard to spring drivers. Mating season begins in the spring for many animal species, and others are coming out of hibernation during this time of year. Both factors contribute to the rising numbers of animal encounters on roadways during the spring. Being on alert for animal activity, and especially near dawn and dusk, can greatly reduce the chances of an animal encounter or an animal-involved accident while behind the wheel.

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