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March 2017 Archives

Preparing for a group ride: Motorcycle safety

You have the opportunity to participate in literally hundreds of motorcycle events, rallies and activities in Alabama and across the United States every year. Part of the attraction of these is to get together with your fellow riders and share your love of everything motorcycle related. However, riding in a group requires some extra safety precautions. We at The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., understand the importance of vigilance and defensive techniques every motorcyclist needs to prevent crashes.

What long-term risks do firefighters face?

As a firefighter, you assume a certain level of immediate risk, but recent studies indicate firefighters across Alabama and the United States also face long-term health issues, some of which differ broadly from those faced by firefighters of yesterday. Per Fox 6, the Hoover, Alabama, fire department is among those modifying certain procedures with the hope that doing so will reduce the number of job-related health complications its workers face.

What risks do under-staffed nursing homes pose to residents?

If you have a loved one in an Alabama nursing home, you probably want to believe that he or she is getting the best level of care possible, and that his or her needs are addressed promptly and appropriately. Regrettably, however, nursing home understaffing is a serious problem at facilities across the state and nation, with reporting that there is a serious lack of staff at as many as 95 percent of American nursing homes.

Drowsy driving a likely factor in semi-truck crash that injured 2

A semi-truck driver is believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel before crashing into two vehicles from an Alabama sheriff’s office and sending two law enforcement officials to the hospital. Per WTVY, multiple witnesses at the scene in Houston County reported hearing the truck driver say he fell asleep at the steering wheel in the moments immediately preceding the crash.

Tool that injured more than 50 still in use at Mobile shipyard

It has been dubbed, “the widow maker,” and yet it is still in use by an estimated 1,000 workers at an Alabama shipyard. Per, employees at Mobile’s Austal USA Shipyard continue to use a dangerous, modified version of a saw blade because of its availability and affordability, despite the fact that it has injured more than 53 workers at the shipyard within a relatively short span.


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