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Help! I’ve been injured in a car crash. What should I do?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Car Accidents |

The moments after a motor vehicle accident in Alabama can understandably be stressful and confusing. The emotions that follow a car crash can easily prevent you from making the proper moves to protect yourself legally, particularly if you have suffered an injury in the collision. A few steps can help you be prepared to file a personal injury claim following an accident caused by another driver’s negligence.

What should I do following an accident?

The most important thing to do following an injury accident is to get medically evaluated. Then, you should collect evidence at the crash scene that may indicate who was at fault in the car crash. This evidence can also point to the damage that the collision caused. Taking photographs can be helpful for documenting the wreck.

While at the accident scene, it may be beneficial to gather the contact information and names of all witnesses who might have seen the crash. It can also be helpful to write down all of your relevant experiences following your accident, such as hospital visits, medical bills and the loss of wages or work. In addition, taking notes about any conversations you have with people involved in the wreck may be helpful to your case.

If you do plan to file a lawsuit against the allegedly at-fault driver, you can make him or her aware of your intentions as well.


A wide variety of injuries may result from a traffic accident, ranging from a catastrophic injury, such as brain damage or paralysis, to broken bones and damage to soft tissues. Unfortunately, your injuries may prevent you from being able to return to work for an extended period of time. In extreme cases, you may not be able to return to work at all, and your injuries may drastically impact your quality of life in a negative way.


When filing a personal injury claim in Alabama where you seek the reimbursement of monetary damages sustained in a car crash, competent proof of negligence is necessary to establish liability to the satisfaction of the civil court hearing your case. Once legal responsibility has been established, the court will decide damage claims. Monetary compensation cannot undo the events that led to your accident injuries, but it may help you to experience a sense of justice following the accident.

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