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February 2017 Archives

Help! I've been injured in a car crash. What should I do?

The moments after a motor vehicle accident in Alabama can understandably be stressful and confusing. The emotions that follow a car crash can easily prevent you from making the proper moves to protect yourself legally, particularly if you have suffered an injury in the collision. A few steps can help you be prepared to file a personal injury claim following an accident caused by another driver's negligence.

Effectiveness of Alabama’s texting and driving ban questioned

Texting behind the wheel has been illegal in Alabama since 2012, but recent statistics suggest the ban has not been as effective at reducing accidents and preventing deaths as many would have liked. According to Fox 6, the number of accidents involving drivers who were distracted by technology jumped every year since the ban was enacted except for the year immediately following it, where numbers took a slight dip.

How slip-and-fall accidents endanger the elderly

Alabama already has a considerable elderly population, andthat population is expected to continue to expand in the coming years. If you are part of the state’s aging population, know that considers slips and falls to be the single-largest cause of injuries, hospital visits and deaths within your age group. At The Sapp Law Firm, we believe that recognizing risk factors for slip-and-fall accidents may help you avoid them and therefore reduce your own chance of suffering injury.

What are some of today’s most common office injuries?

When you head to work every day in Alabama, you probably have some idea of the types of workplace risks and dangers you may face when you clock in. This is particularly true if you work in an industry known to be high-risk, such as commercial fishing or logging, but the workplace dangers faced by American office workers are not always as well-known.

Could self-driving cars reduce crashes in Alabama?

Exactly when self-driving cars will hit Alabama’s roadways is unclear, but state legislators are working to make sure that they are prepared, and that you are safe, when the time comes. Proponents for allowing cars with self-driving technologies on American roadways believe their introduction could considerably enhance your safety by reducing the number of accidents that occur each year. Opponents, meanwhile, fear such automobiles could cause confusion and problems because of a lack of clarity about who or what is responsible for damages, among related issues, in the event that they crash.


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