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Keep moving: Steps to take after a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Personal Injury |

You may love walking as a form of exercise and as a method of getting to your desired destinations. However, walking in areas where you need to cross a road or may otherwise end up in the vicinity of moving vehicles could put you at risk. Distracted and negligent drivers could potentially fail to take the necessary steps to properly assess an area, and you may find yourself involved in a pedestrian accident.

If you have been hit by a vehicle, it is likely that you suffered serious injuries, as pedestrians have little to no protection against vehicles. After such an incident, you may wonder how to proceed. First, you may wish to take these steps in gathering information:

  • Write down information about the accident itself, your injuries and damages suffered
  • Speak with witnesses, other victims or other parties related to the incident
  • Take photographs that may prove relevant as evidence of who was at fault

Next, you may want to consider taking legal action in hopes of gaining compensation for the injuries you suffered. You will need to inform any parties against whom the lawsuit will be filed that you intend to pursue a case. If you file a claim and your case proves successful, you may face awards for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other monetary damages

If you consider filing a legal claim, you may wish to ensure that you do so within the acceptable time frame. A statute of limitations exists for how long after an incident you have to file a claim. In Alabama, you have up to two years to file a claim, and after that amount of time, you could lose the ability to seek compensation for damages.

Keeping up with relevant documents may also prove useful. A copy of the police report, medical reports, documentation of medical expenses, insurance information and information you personally collected after the accident may all provide valuable evidence should you decide to move forward with a legal claim. A pedestrian accident could change your life as serious injuries are not uncommon, and a successful lawsuit could help you obtain much-needed compensation.

Because you undoubtedly want to make the most out of an awful situation, you likely hope to work toward the best outcome possible for your case. Information on your options for filing a personal injury lawsuit could help you when it comes to making legal decisions. Furthermore, consulting with experienced attorneys could allow you to gain reliable and valuable advice tailored to your specific situation.

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