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January 2017 Archives

What federal protections do nursing home residents have?

If you helped place a loved one in an Alabama nursing home, you may have done your due diligence as far as researching the facility and making sure it makes the grade in terms of safety and security. Regrettably, even the most thorough research cannot prevent every instance of elder abuse or neglect, but outlines the federal protections in place that dictate the rights and protections of the nation’s Medicare and Medicaid-certified nursing home residents. If any of these rights and protections are infringed upon, you may be able to pursue a claim against the facility on your loved one’s behalf.

Keep moving: Steps to take after a pedestrian accident

You may love walking as a form of exercise and as a method of getting to your desired destinations. However, walking in areas where you need to cross a road or may otherwise end up in the vicinity of moving vehicles could put you at risk. Distracted and negligent drivers could potentially fail to take the necessary steps to properly assess an area, and you may find yourself involved in a pedestrian accident.

New technologies meant to enhance safety for truckers, motorists

There is a battle brewing in the trucking industry between safety advocates and those looking to enhance the field’s profitability, and it is Alabama and the nation’s truck drivers and motorists who may suffer most as a result. Per BOSS magazine, 2014 was a harrowing year for commercial truckers, as it saw the number of truck-driver fatalities in America rise for the fifth consecutive time, with 761 truckers losing their lives on the job that year alone.

Traffic deaths rise across Alabama, the nation

Alabama roadway collisions claimed the lives of more than 650 people in 2016, and authorities believe many of those deaths were largely preventable. According to NBC 12, the state saw 139 more traffic fatalities by sometime in December than it had throughout the entire year prior, and authorities expected those numbers to rise, despite an increased police presence, given the holiday season.

New truckers not required to do any behind-the-wheel training

The injuries that result when cars and commercial trucks collide can prove serious and deadly, and motorists across Alabama and the U.S. may now face an even higher risk of such an accident. Per, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted its Final Rule for Entry-Level Driver requirements, and many safety advocates are angered about the rule’s lack of mandatory behind-the-wheel training for new drivers.


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