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December 2016 Archives

No relief for Alabama’s poultry workers

Workers in Alabama’s poultry industry are routinely denied bathroom breaks, and the problem appears to extend far beyond state borders. According to The Guardian, workers at a major Guntersville, Alabama, poultry plant were forced to risk their own health and safety in order to maximize efficiency and production. Furthermore, the dangerous working conditions at poultry plants have been largely underreported, due, at least in part, to the fact that so many workers in the industry are undocumented.

Who can be held responsible for drunk driving accidents?

Sadly, there are numerous individuals and families in Alabama who became victims to impaired drivers. Drunk driving accidents occur rather frequently, especially around the holidays. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in such an accident, you may have legal recourse. This column will address who may be responsible for any losses you have suffered.

Alabama failing to protect seniors from elder abuse

Elder abuse is becoming increasingly problematic in America, and the problem will likely only intensify as the baby boomer generation continues to age and require care. The problem should be of particular concern to those who are growing old in Alabama, according to Alabama Today, as the state ranked very low in a new study assessing how each state protects its elder residents from suffering abuse.

Drowsy driving dangers have Alabamans calling for change

Drowsy driving is becoming increasingly problematic on roadways throughout Alabama and across the United States, and a new report is shining light on just how dangerous this preventable behavior can be. According to Forbes, one out of every five deadly motor vehicle accidents in American involves a drowsy driver, and the chances of causing this type of accident increase as a motorist’s hours spent asleep decrease.

Drug testing truckers’ hair remains a hot-button issue

Some of the nation’s largest trucking companies want federal approval to administer drug tests on commercial truckers across Alabama and the United States using their hair, in addition to already approved tests that rely on urine. According to Bloomberg BNA, the group of truckers and the American Trucking Association are among those who feel that this would help employers more effectively screen new hires and minimize drug-related accidents on U.S. roadways.


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