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November 2016 Archives

Did a distracted driver cause your car accident?

Distracted driving is a major problem on Alabama roads, and statistics indicate that this problem is as serious as drunk driving. Even one moment of distraction can have detrimental consequences, and victims of distracted driving may feel that it is impossible to hold these drivers accountable for their actions.

Hearing loss affects about 22 million American workers annually

Workers across Alabama and the United States are suffering hearing loss at escalating rates, and a combination of factors may be to blame. According to PBS, many American workers are developing auditory problems because businesses either do not have the money to pay for low-volume machinery and appropriate protective equipment, or because they are failing to properly enforce policies intended to protect the ears in the workplace.

Rule that would allow patients to sue nursing homes blocked

The passage of a new rule allowing Alabama and the nation’s nursing home residents and their families to sue facilities for negligence has hit a wall. Per Alabama Public Radio, major flaws exist in the way nursing home arbitration litigation is currently handled. While a Mississippi federal district court recognized these systematic defects, a lawsuit filed by the American Health Care Association may still prove successful in preventing families from pursuing justice through litigation.

Trooper shortage a likely factor in Alabama’s road-death spike

Fatalities on Alabama’s roadways are becoming increasingly common, and a recent spike in the state’s number of highway fatalities has law enforcement officials considering several key factors as likely contributors. Per the Dothan Eagle, there have been 128 more fatalities on Alabama’s roads between Jan. 1, 2016 and Oct. 31, 2016, than there were during that same period in 2015. While distracted driving, alcohol and speed are all believed partly to blame for the sharp spike in roadway deaths, a statewide trooper shortage, too, is being eyed as a possible contributor.

Trucking companies increasingly recruiting older drivers

Consumers across Alabama and the United States have become accustomed to convenience while shopping in stores and online. Commercial truckers play a key role in getting those goods in the hands of the American public in a prompt and reliable manner.


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