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September 2016 Archives

Litigation over truck accidents requires several steps

Learning to share the road with semi-trucks is something all Alabamans must do, but even the state’s most careful and cautious drivers cannot always avoid accidents and associated litigation. reports that during 2013, heavy trucks were involved in 7,322 collisions. Within that number, defective equipment was the sixth primary cause at 317 crashes, and alcohol was a factor in 92 truck accidents on state roadways. When truckers or trucking companies act negligently, people often choose to initiate litigation to obtain compensation, but there are several steps that should be taken.

How helmet laws and design improvements are saving lives

Riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity, but there is some good news for Alabama’s motorcycle riders. According to, for states that mandate motorcycle helmet-wearing, such as Alabama, the fatality rate of motorcyclists who were not wearing helmets was 8 percent while the rate for the same group in states without helmet laws was 58 percent.

Is your loved one subject to social media abuse at a nursing home?

Nursing home abuse is unfortunately a reality that's more common than we'd like. When you think of nursing home abuse, certain actions may come to mind. But in today's digital age, a new kind of abuse is happening in nursing homes: social media abuse. This consists of nursing home employees taking degrading photos of nursing home residents and posting them on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

When large trucks crash

Preventable accidents on the Alabama roadways are often tragic, especially when you or a loved one suffers a severe injury. Because the risk is so much greater when one of the vehicles involved is a tractor trailer, it makes sense for the law to hold commercial drivers to strict requirements. Even so, accidents involving large trucks continue to plague the state. We at The Sapp Law Firm, LLC, have provided legal assistance to many people who have been affected by truck crashes.

Laws may make identifying texting drivers difficult

Safe driving involves paying attention to the Alabama roadways and the behaviors of other drivers, so people who are not even looking at the road as they drive raise the risk of a motor vehicle accident exponentially. According to, tickets for texting and driving in the United States have skyrocketed by the thousands over the past few years, but law enforcement officials question whether the penalties are making the roads safer.

Who is feeding your loved one?

The same disabilities that prompted you to help your loved one to choose a nursing home in Alabama may also be making it difficult for him or her to manage eating utensils. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, the nursing home facility must designate a qualified person to provide this type of assistance to people who cannot feed themselves, but do not have swallowing problems or other complications. Medical professionals must determine whether your loved one is a candidate for this support.


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