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Texting Alabama Driver Found Guilty of Manslaughter

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2016 | Car Accidents |

Among all types of driver negligence, speeding, drunk driving and texting while driving cause the most damage. But while law enforcement has long been able to prove that someone was speeding or driving while intoxicated, driver distraction has been more difficult to prove.

That may change, however, if police in Alabama continue improving their investigative techniques and resources.

For the first time in Alabama, a texting driver has been found guilty of manslaughter.

The crash happened in 2014, when prosecutors say a man was manipulating his phone just 32 seconds before someone called 911 about the fatal wreck. The head-on collision took the life of a woman from Mobile.

The man claimed that he was not distracted by his phone, but an Alabama State Trooper believed otherwise. A digital forensic examiner for the FBI testified in court that the man had used his cell phone just before the wreck, and a jury found the driver guilty of manslaughter.

Alabama State Trooper Bruce Irving was awarded a citation for his role in the investigation.

Police reports are used not only in criminal cases, but also in civil matters, such as personal injury claims. Evidence in these cases may include the police report, witness statements, surveillance video and statements from an accident reconstructionist.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of another driver’s negligence, you can rely on an experienced personal injury lawyer to gather the necessary evidence and help you obtain full and fair compensation for injuries. Insurance companies do what they can to minimize and even deny legitimate accident claims, and a personal injury attorney can fight back on your behalf.

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