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August 2016 Archives

Unsecured loads pose major safety issues on roads

Drivers along Alabama’s roadways may be knowledgeable about the dangers of distraction, impairment and road rage. But, a new study by the American Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that another preventable problem threatens motorists around the country. USA Today reports that objects in the roadway cause a significant number of car accidents each year.

Are OSHA penalties effective?

If you work in a meat processing plant in Alabama, you may be aware of some of the regulations and safety measures that your employer is required to follow. According to NPR, the potentially hazardous equipment that is often used in slaughterhouses includes sharp instruments such as knives, saws and hooks, and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides oversight for these facilities.

Are touchscreens really improving motorcycle safety?

You may have seen people interacting with their onboard vehicle computer screens while riding your motorcycle on the roads of Alabama, and questioned whether the activity was legal. In fact, federal and state laws address distracted driving behaviors in an attempt to reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents each year. However, you may not be aware of a new development: infotainment systems for motorcycles.

Are you at risk for a work-related musculoskeletal disorder?

Injuries and illnesses caused by working conditions affect many people in Alabama. You may sustain an injury because of an accident, but some health problems develop over time, so identifying them is essential in order to file for workers’ compensation. explains that there are a number of on-the-job risks for musculoskeletal disorders.

Texting Alabama Driver Found Guilty of Manslaughter

Among all types of driver negligence, speeding, drunk driving and texting while driving cause the most damage. But while law enforcement has long been able to prove that someone was speeding or driving while intoxicated, driver distraction has been more difficult to prove.


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