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Questions to ask about nursing home security

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Nursing Home Neglect |

When choosing a nursing home facility in Alabama for a loved one who can no longer perform necessary self-care, assessing the likelihood of proper treatment from nursing home staff is typically a focus. Even in the absence of abuse, negligence can cause significant injuries, and can be fatal. This neglect may take many forms, such as failing to reposition immobile residents to avoid bedsores. Another area facilities must not overlook is the safety and security of the residents in emergencies.

According to, every nursing home should be prepared for a fire. It should have smoke detectors and sprinklers in place, and emergency evacuation routes and exits should be clearly marked. Because so many residents are unable to escape a burning building under their own power, staff should be trained in removing those who are bed bound.

Another potential crisis that the facility should address is the threat of a violent intruder. According to Provider magazine, an interview with staff about the security of the home should include questions about access. There should be monitoring and locking mechanisms for side doors and other exits. A tailored security system should focus on the circumstances that are unique to the facility.

As with a natural disaster, the issues specific to the operations of a nursing home facility may make resident safety difficult. A person interviewing staff may ask whether the facility has proactively prepared a plan for dealing with an intruder. Staff training and coordination with local law enforcement are steps administrators may enforce to ensure that any threats are neutralize quickly to prevent resident harm.

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