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May 2016 Archives

Rear truck guards not strong enough, experts say

When traffic situations arise on the roads and highways of Alabama, there are times when drivers do not get adequate time to respond, colliding with the vehicle in front of them. Sometimes, also, a vehicle farther back may be the culprit, pushing a stationary car into the one ahead. When the frontmost vehicle is a large truck, the high clearance may be deadly to those who are in smaller cars.

How does wet weather affect driving conditions?

Many people may complain that other motorists have trouble driving in bad weather in Alabama. Whether or not you are comfortable behind the wheel in adverse conditions, your risk of a collision is statistically greater at these times. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, there is an annual average of over 1.25 million traffic accidents each year directly related to weather and slick road surfaces.

Questions to ask about nursing home security

When choosing a nursing home facility in Alabama for a loved one who can no longer perform necessary self-care, assessing the likelihood of proper treatment from nursing home staff is typically a focus. Even in the absence of abuse, negligence can cause significant injuries, and can be fatal. This neglect may take many forms, such as failing to reposition immobile residents to avoid bedsores. Another area facilities must not overlook is the safety and security of the residents in emergencies.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Although motorists in Alabama should always be aware of the road and the traffic around them, watching for motorcycles can take extra focus. Because of their smaller size and the difficulty gauging how fast they are moving, motorcyclists are often overlooked, and the results can be fatal. This is one reason that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsors Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month each May.


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