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April 2016 Archives

Responsibilities of Alabama’s chemical industry to workers

Products made in Alabama add substantially to the state’s economy through employee wages. According to the Alabama Department of Commerce, chemical production is one of the top industries in the state, with over 200 companies supplying jobs to more than 9,000 workers.

Is your sleep medication affecting your driving?

Going to sleep may be an activity that many people in Alabama take for granted, but if you suffer from insomnia, you may discover that the lack of adequate rest is causing you serious health problems. In some cases, doctors recommend sleep medications. However, these may have side effects that could put others in danger if you do not take proper precautions.

New report indicates higher rate of deaths in truck crashes

Large trucks are an essential component of the freight shipping industry in Alabama and across the United States. As such, commercial truck operators perform a vital function for the nation’s economy, and most drivers are probably familiar with their presence on the roadways. Unfortunately, people may also be used to hearing reports of fatal truck accidents on the news, simply because they occur so frequently and are often so devastating.

Riding in the rain: What motorcyclists should know

As the weather in Alabama gets nicer, you may be eager to get your motorcycle out of the garage and enjoy the sunshine. Along with the milder temperatures, spring also brings rain, and riding safely may be a challenge during inclement weather. At the Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we understand that motorcyclists are more susceptible to harm than motorists at the best of times. Even so, with a little preparation, you may be able to reduce your risk in inclement weather.

Driver Distraction an Ongoing Safety Concern on Alabama Roads

Thousands of Americans are killed and hundreds of thousands more are injured each year because of driver distraction, and as mobile devices such as smartphones increasingly play a role in our daily lives, ongoing education about the dangers of distracted driving is crucial.


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