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March 2016 Archives

Depression in nursing homes: When medication isn’t the answer

If you are unable to care for an older or disabled family member, placing him or her in a nursing home in Alabama may have been your best hope of ensuring those health needs are met. Maintaining physical health is an important goal, but nursing home residents may discover that their mental health needs have been neglected. We at the Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., understand that elder care encompasses a wide range of solutions, which nursing homes may be ill-equipped to provide.

Workplace hazards in health care: Are you at risk?

If you work in a health care field in Alabama, you may take it for granted that you will be exposed to some of the illnesses of patients that are seeking treatment. Viruses and infectious diseases are not the only threats you face, though. According to Infection Control Today, exposure to the very products used to create a safer, more sterile environment is actually an occupational hazard.

Alabama nursing home inspections and regulation enforcement

Any health care agency must meet federal and state standards, and nursing home and assisted living facilities in Alabama are no different. These are enforced by various government departments, and problems are discovered through regular inspections. When there is a complaint that indicates a hazard or low standard of care, this is also examined.

Are truckers’ health problems putting other drivers at risk?

As an Alabama motorist, you may sometimes need to get behind the wheel when you feel sick, but you probably never think of it as a risk. After all, most minor illnesses do not affect driving skills. However, in a previous post, information was provided about health conditions that could cause a crash, and these may result in a suspended driver’s license. Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, many of these conditions are common among long-haul commercial truck drivers.

Don’t faint and drive

Awareness campaigns about the hazards of distracted driving in Alabama draw attention to the importance of keeping full attention on the road at all times. However, some drivers may have other circumstances that are making focus difficult. According to Fox News, a new study shows that a variety of medical conditions contribute to the possibility that certain people will lose consciousness while driving. This factor significantly affects their risk of a motor vehicle crash.


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