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January 2016 Archives

FMCSA program monitors trucking industry

Driving a commercial vehicle in Alabama is a big responsibility, and truck drivers must undergo special training before operating a tractor trailer on the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the trucking industry to improve safety and reduce truck accident rates.

Do bedsores indicate nursing home neglect?

Modern medicine may mean that people in Alabama live longer than their ancestors. However, the constant care an aging family member needs may have led you to help him or her choose and move into a nursing home. The loss of mobility is of particular concern when it comes to health problems that require frequent attention because being unable to move increases the risk of bedsores.

Vehicle technology tips for senior drivers

Safety is important for any driver in Walker County, Alabama. Even though they may be more cautious and less likely to break traffic laws, age eventually dictates that they must give up driving. According to Automotive Fleet Magazine, manufacturers recognize the importance of the freedom that comes from driving, and they are designing vehicles with technology that reduces the difficulties that seniors face.

Eliminating driver distractions with technology

When a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle in Alabama, putting the phone out of sight or turning it off may be the best method of avoiding distracted driving. According to statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, thousands of drivers are not taking this precaution, with distraction-related traffic deaths representing 10 percent of the country’s motor vehicle crash fatalities in 2014. Technology experts are now responding to the hazards of electronic devices with applications and programs that help people avoid the temptation.


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