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December 2015 Archives

OSHA says workers’ compensation system is failing workers

In most cases, employers in Alabama are required by law to carry insurance to cover injuries or illnesses that you and your co-workers might sustain on the job. It does not matter who is at fault; your medical costs and a portion of your wages should be covered. At the Sapp Law Firm, we understand that many legal complications can develop as a result of a work-related health problem.

Should computers be allowed to take over driving decisions?

Whether you are ready or not, driverless vehicles may be a reality in Alabama within two to five years. Many companies are test driving them in several states, and elsewhere in the world, as well. The Atlantic reports that while automakers and programmers are promising these cars will reduce motor vehicle accidents, there are still some tough questions that remain unanswered.

FMCSA issues final rule on electronic logging devices

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the number of hours a truck driver may work to reduce the risk of truck accidents. To enforce this, each driver must maintain a daily log book. Because paper log books are too easily adjusted, the agency has been developing requirements for electronic logging devices, or ELDs. Now, the FMCSA has published the final rule, which outlines device specifics and their use.

Motorcycle passenger safety

Taking to the Alabama roadways on two wheels is a great way to enjoy the state’s scenery or save money on a commute. Either way, a rider may need to bring along a passenger occasionally. Since motorcycles are not like any other vehicles, both the operator and the passenger should understand a few of the basic differences before that first ride.

Class M endorsement for motorcycle riders

Up to this point, motorcyclists in Alabama have been able to ride across the state without taking any safety training. As a result, anyone with a driver’s license can operate a motorcycle on the roadways, even if it is the first time that person has ridden one. The dangers that this poses to riders – and to others on the road – has not been lost on the Alabama legislature.


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