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Motorcycle injuries most often sustained in an accident

At The Sapp Law Firm, we understand that riding a motorcycle is both a practical and enjoyable way to get around Alabama. Riding responsibly and defensively can prevent accidents, but at times there are threats that you cannot avoid. Even when wearing safety gear, your vulnerability in a collision puts you at a much higher risk for serious injuries.

According to, broken bones and fractures are the most common type of injuries in motorcycle accidents. The force of the motorcycle falling on your leg during a crash is often enough to cause a broken or crushed bone, and the lower extremities and pelvis are the most likely body parts to sustain an injury. Your wrists, arms and shoulders are also at risk because it is natural to attempt to catch yourself with your arm as you fall.

If you are not wearing protective gloves, jacket, pants and boots, the road may scrape the skin off your leg or arm in the fall. This is called road rash, and the severity is measured in the same way as burns, by how many layers of skin are affected. A rider who sustains third degree road rash has lost all three layers, leaving the muscles underneath exposed.

Although head injuries are not the most common in a motorcycle crash, they are the leading cause of death. Traumatic brain injuries typically occur because of a blow to the head, although the force of an abrupt stop can cause your brain to hit the inside of your skull, leading to concussion or more serious brain damage. A TBI often results in a permanent loss of quality of life. Debilitating headaches, mental health issues and memory problems frequently occur as a result of a head injury.

People who ride a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation may be interested in our page providing information about motorcycles.

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