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After fatal semi truck crash, Morgan files lawsuit

Most readers in Jasper, and elsewhere, are aware of the sizeable number of hours spent, and miles travelled, by truck drivers. People may not know, however, that truckers often must travel great distances from their homes to the locations where they pick up their loads before they can even begin their haul. This can result in fatigued drivers, despite laws and regulations that are meant to prevent drivers from becoming over worked. Truck driver fatigue is among the leading causes for accidents involving these large commercial vehicles.

Fatigue seems to have been the primary contributor in a recent trucking accident in New Jersey. The crash made national headlines as it left one man dead and others, including actor-comedian, Tracy Morgan, seriously injured. Morgan suffered broken bones and other injuries, from which he continues to recover. As a result, he has not been able to return to work since the accident.

According to reports, Morgan recently filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart, the driver’s employer. The lawsuit contends that the trucker’s commute was unreasonable and that he should have, and could have, been assigned to a distribution center closer to his residence. It was reported that the driver had to travel over 700 miles from his home in Georgia to the facility he worked at in Delaware. Morgan also reportedly argues in his lawsuit that, at the time of the accident, the truck’s automatic braking system was somehow compromised, which contributed to the driver being unable to stop.

If you have been injured, or you have lost a loved one, in a semi truck crash, it may be helpful to contact an attorney to learn more about your rights.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek, “Tracy Morgan Sues Wal-Mart Over I-95 Crash,” Justin Bachman, July 14, 2014

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