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August 2014 Archives

Husband claims nursing home neglect caused his death of his wife

In Jasper, and elsewhere, people are often admitted to nursing facilities. They may be admitted for any number of reasons, including injury or illness. Depending on their health and conditions, some residents may require a significant amount of attention and care, which families depend on nursing home staff to provide. In some cases, failure to provide adequate care can result in patients suffering personal injury, or their existing conditions being worsened.

Woman dies of injuries after head on collision in Huntsville

Even if drivers obey all of the signals, signs and traffic laws, it does not guarantee they will not be involved in a motor vehicle accident. Often, people in Jasper, and other localities, are involved in auto accidents that are the result of another motorist’s actions or negligence. These types of collisions, like others, can result in the deaths of drivers who were safely operating their vehicles.

Man killed on the job in explosion at fish processing plant

Despite the laws that are in place to protect employees from unsafe working conditions, not all accidents and incidents can be avoided. When they do occur, occupational accidents can result in workers being seriously injured, or killed. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2012, the most recent year with statistics available, 84 workers sustained fatal work-related injuries in Alabama alone.

After fatal semi truck crash, Morgan files lawsuit

Most readers in Jasper, and elsewhere, are aware of the sizeable number of hours spent, and miles travelled, by truck drivers. People may not know, however, that truckers often must travel great distances from their homes to the locations where they pick up their loads before they can even begin their haul. This can result in fatigued drivers, despite laws and regulations that are meant to prevent drivers from becoming over worked. Truck driver fatigue is among the leading causes for accidents involving these large commercial vehicles.


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