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April 2014 Archives

Driver injured after semi truck rear ends car on I-85 in Auburn

Accidents, road conditions, construction and numerous other factors may force a driver to slow down or stop unexpectedly. If other motorists are not closely monitoring their surroundings and the other vehicles on the roads, they may not be able to react to another driver’s sudden reduction in speed in time to avoid a collision. This can be especially true for large commercial vehicles, which can be difficult to maneuver and stop or slow quickly.

Nursing home negligence results in injury and death

Making the decision to move an elderly family member into a care facility is not always easy. People in Jasper have to trust that the staff and medical personnel at the nursing home will take care of the individual with the utmost care and respect. Unfortunately, neglect in these facilities does occur, resulting in injuries such as bedsores and even death. Several recent incidents illustrate just how widespread these issues are.

Dementia patient allegedly abused by nursing home employee

When families in Jasper and elsewhere move elderly loved ones into nursing homes, it is often so that the person can get care they need but cannot receive at home. Most would never imagine that their loved one might be abused by one of the very employees charged with his or her care. Unfortunately, however, there are cases where patients at nursing care facilities suffer neglect or abuse at the hands of one of their caregivers.

Wrong-way driver causes fatal motorcycle accident

Anything from chatting with a passenger to changing the radio station to text messaging could potentially take motorists’ attentions away from the road in front of them and the other vehicles around them. As most readers in Jasper are aware, even a momentary lack of attention can result in a crash. Motor vehicle accidents, especially those involving motorcycles, can have serious, lasting consequences for those involved.


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