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Worker’s feet broken after run over by delivery truck

Employers in Jasper and elsewhere have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. This includes making sure that equipment is in good working order. Not doing so can result in a workplace accident, which could have lasting effects on workers who suffer injury.

A man in Texas was injured on the job recently. According to reports, the man was working as a delivery driver for DineRite, a food service company, when his delivery truck ran over both of his feet. The injured worker was getting into the truck when it began to roll downhill. He suffered broken bones in both feet and had to be taken to a local hospital for treatment. It was not reported whether the man would require additional medical treatment, such as surgery, to repair any of the breaks.

News reports suggest that the delivery truck’s disrepair may have played a part in the workplace accident. Drivers reportedly had to use the vehicle’s parking brake to keep it in place while parked because a problem with the transmission prevented the truck from being put in park. The brake had to be released using a wire because the release handle was also broken. The delivery truck, it was reported, began to move after the parking brake had been released.

Supplying faulty equipment and unsafe working conditions can be considered negligence on the part of an employer. Any workers who are injured in a workplace accident due to equipment malfunction or a hazardous environment may be entitled to help and compensation, including workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: Star-Telegram, “Worker injured when ‘poorly maintained’ delivery truck runs over feet,” Deanna Boyd, Mar. 4, 2014

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