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March 2014 Archives

Car crash in Ardmore intersection injures 6, including 1 child

With multiple lanes and directions of traffic all converging at that same location, auto accidents are very common at intersections in Jasper and other cities throughout the U.S. Like most wrecks, those that occur in an intersection can also have a range of consequences from minimal damage to one or both vehicles to serious injury and, in some cases, death.

Worker’s feet broken after run over by delivery truck

Employers in Jasper and elsewhere have a responsibility to ensure a safe working environment for their employees. This includes making sure that equipment is in good working order. Not doing so can result in a workplace accident, which could have lasting effects on workers who suffer injury.

Motorcyclist killed in semi truck accident

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes share the roads in Jasper and other cities throughout the US. While this allows drivers to choose a vehicle that fits their needs and preferences and companies to transport their parts and goods, it also creates potential danger in the event of an accident. Due to the sheer difference in size, collisions between large commercial vehicles and smaller automobiles can have life changing, or ending, results.

Man injured in motorcycle accident caused by inattentive driver

Many motorists in Jasper and elsewhere choose to ride motorcycles for their convenience and fuel efficiency, among other reasons. While the size and build of motorcycles largely contributes to the reasons people choose to ride them, they can also make it difficult for other motorists to see them on the roads, particularly if the other motorists are not driving with care. Even a minor collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle can result in the motorcyclist being seriously injured or even killed.

Employees arrested for death of elderly nursing home patient

With an aging population, the need to protect and care for our elderly citizens is paramount. In Alabama and throughout the country, however, too many reports of nursing home abuse or neglect are frequently heard. These can range from a fall that should have been prevented, untreated bedsores, failure to provide a reasonable standard of care and more. Personal injury and even death can result, leaving victims and family members in anguish.


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