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February 2014 Archives

MADD pushing for DUI law passage

In Alabama and other states, far too many people lose their lives at the hands of drunk drivers every year. While there may be many causes for a single motor vehicle accident, a drunk driving accident can be one of the hardest to bear as it is more preventable that some others. Slippery road conditions, for example, may not always be able to be avoided. Any car accident victim or family member of one who has suffered a personal injury that was caused by a drunk driver understands the unique pain of the situation.

Fatal accident occurs between train and truck

Alabama drivers should be able to count on the safe driving habits of others to know that they can reach their destinations without problem. That, however, is not always the case and every driver should always be aware and on the lookout for a potential auto accident. There can be many a reason for a crash to occur and proper care in the moments and days following an accident is highly important, especially when a car accident victim has sustained a personal injury or death.

Farm worker receives settlement after on-the-job maiming

Workplace accidents can happen in any industry or type of business. Some industries, however, are more likely to experience accidents that result in injured employees or other situations. The construction, oil and gas as well as transportation industries are all known to have higher than average rates of people being injured on the job and associated claims. Employees in these situations can face lost wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses and more.


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