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January 2014 Archives

Helping injured workers with workers’ compensation

An injury can be sustained in any line of work. An Alabama worker in some industries or job functions can have an inherently higher rate of being involved in a work-related injury than others. Construction, mining and transportation are among these industries. When an employee is injured on the job, one means by which he or she can receive help is through the system of workers’ compensation.

Truck hits car broadside, kills teenager

Every day, thousands of people get behind the wheels of their automobiles and take to Alabama roads and highways, thinking little of it. Yet the reality of a serious motor vehicle accident taking place is always high. Safe driving and defensive driving habits can only protect in so many situations. For the lucky ones, an accident causes only minor damage and no personal injury. For the unlucky ones, catastrophic injuries or even death can result.

Trucking accident claims the lives of two girls

Alabama truck accidents can be extremely serious, especially with the large size and weight of the vehicles involved. In 2013, new laws were enacted by the federal government to help reduce truck driver fatigue and thereby reduce truck accidents and injuries resulting from a truck accident, including death. When a truck accident occurs, whether due to a fatigued driver or some other reason, the potential of a serious head injury, permanent disability or more is very real.

Two children hurt, three die when SUV overturns

Alabama drivers know that hazards abound on the roads every day. From vehicle malfunction to poor road conditions to the actions of a drunk driver or a reckless driver and beyond, there is no end to the number of challenges to be faced when behind the wheel. Fortunately, many a motor vehicle accident is minor but that is not always the case and many people find themselves injured in a car accident with no warning.

A post-accident refresher course

Car accidents are an unfortunate reality on Alabama roads. Whether on residential streets, highways or freeways, a motor vehicle accident can happen anywhere. During the holiday season, additional special events and potential icy or other winter driving conditions can heighten concerns about an increase in auto accidents. With that in mind, getting a refresher on what to do after an accident can be helpful.


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