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December 2013 Archives

Alabama drivers rated fifth worst in nation

Many things can affect whether or not a car accident happens. Some, like road conditions, weather conditions or vehicle malfunctioning are out of the control of a driver. Others, however, are very much able to be controlled by drivers. Many an Alabama motor vehicle accident is caused by a reckless driver or one who may be texting and driving, a drunk driver, a speeding driver or more. Every person who gets behind the wheel of a car should be aware of these dangers and take care during every jaunt or journey.

Log from log truck impales vehicle, injuring UAH student

The impact of any motor vehicle accident can be extremely severe. When a large commercial vehicle accident occurs, the potential for grave danger can increase. Alabama roads see a large number of semi-trucks, logging trucks and other such vehicles. Great care is required on the part of these drivers and the people who load them in order to ensure the highest level of safety for all. Liability for a truck accident can rest with the trucking company, truck owner or individual truck driver.

Holiday accident with wrong-way driver kills two

Drivers in Alabama, as with those in other states, are aware of the concerns surrounding motor vehicle accidents during the holiday time. A car accident is never something that anyone wants to be involved in as it can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death and having such losses during special times can be even more difficult for friends and family members. This is one such reason why holiday checkpoints are so popular with law enforcement.

Fatal car crash subject of further investigation

Automobile accidents can be minor as in the classic fender-bender or they can be serious and even deadly. Either way, they typically happen in a flash and are never expected. The impact on Alabama drivers and their families when a serious motor vehicle accident occurs can be devastating. Whether at the hands of distracted driver, a negligent driver, unsafe road conditions or something else, the causes of a car accident are many.


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