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September 2013 Archives

Families urged to differentiate small problems from elder abuse

Nursing home care is a topic of concern to many Americans today. With our aging population, the need to provide not just adequate but positive and exceptional care for elderly residents and patients is high. Sadly, there are too many reported instances of nursing home abuse or neglect in our nation's nursing homes and assisted living centers. Such situations can leave family members extremely distraught.

Tractor-trailer and motorcycle collide, kills biker

For avid bikers, riding a motorcycle is a virtually unparalleled joy. The freedom of the road can be enjoyed in a unique way that cannot be matched in any other type of motor vehicle. Unfortunately, the risk of serious injuries or death for a motorcyclist in the event of a motorcycle accident can be higher than for other types of vehicles as well. Motorcyclists must always remain on alert when on the road to ensure their safety.

Two men killed in apartment complex trench collapse

A workplace accident and any resulting injuries can occur in any line of work, at any location. However, some industries understandably are more dangerous and carry higher rates of injured employees. In Alabama and around the nation, these include oil and gas, transportation and construction. Sometimes accidents are truly just that, unavoidable situations. Other times, a noticeable OSHA violation may contribute. Still other times, there may even be negligence. Neck injury, back injury permanent disability or even death can be the end result of a work accident.

Workplace deaths increase in construction and oil and gas

Workers’ injuries sustained as a result of performing one’s job can result when least expected. Sometimes, a workplace accident is unavoidable and other times it can be the result of some negligence on the part of an employer or even a co-worker. Either way, the need for workers’ compensation is real as a means to help provide compensation to injured Alabama employees or their families in the case of a fatal work accident.


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