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July 2013 Archives

Alabama man killed in head on collision with unlicensed youth

Being involved in a car accident of any type is difficult enough as it is, but the long lasting effects of a fatal car crash can be even more devastating for everyone involved. The driver at fault often carries feelings of guilt and faces a long road to recovery—both emotionally and physically. If the auto accident involves an unlicensed and/or uninsured driver, the family of the deceased could face financial devastation in addition to their own emotional pain and suffering.

Man fired after filing workers' comp claim sues employer, wins

The purpose of workers’ compensation insurance is to provide restitution to employees who are injured on the job for their medical expenses and lost wages relating to that injury. In exchange for the compensation, the employee agrees not to sue the employer for work-related negligence. The employer, in turn, must guarantee employment in an equal position at the company upon return from medical leave. If either party breaches the workers’ compensation contract, however, a lawsuit may be filed in civil court.

Motorcyclist dies from injuries sustained after being hit by car

With a number of different types and sizes of vehicles on our Alabama roads, the importance of driving sober and alert cannot be stressed enough.  The roads are much safer for everyone this way. Unfortunately, people still get behind the wheel when they are impaired or drive carelessly, putting the lives of others in danger. A fatal motorcycle accident in Dauphin Island is a somber reminder of this.

Federal agency implements new truck driving rules to save lives

Accidents involving large commercial vehicles—especially semi-trucks—are some of the most devastating. The injuries resulting from a semi-truck or tractor trailer accident tend to be more severe, sometimes even fatal. Many of these accidents are caused by truck driver fatigue. New regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration went into effect on July 1 with the intent on preventing the number deaths that occur each year from drowsy truck drivers.

Fatal motorcycle accident in Alabama involved multiple vehicles

As the mercury starts to rise, so do the number of motorcycles on the road. It is an exhilarating way to travel; unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous way to travel as inattentive motorists simply do not see the bikes or blatantly ignore the rights of motorcyclists. When motorcyclists are involved in an accident, they typically sustain more serious injuries that result in permanent disabilities. Worse yet, many motorcycle accidents in Alabama are fatal because riders have little protection beyond their helmets.


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