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What is phantom limb pain?

Some people experience pain and other sensations in removed limbs after amputation. This phenomenon is referred to as phantom limb pain, which can cause quite a bit of distress for a person recovering from losing a limb. In many cases, phantom pain and sensations occur shortly after the surgery, but pain can be delayed for months in some instances. Fortunately, the healthcare field has greatly expanded its understanding of this condition, which means that patients are treated more effectively.

In the past, it was believed that phantom limb pain was solely a psychological issue. Advanced imaging technology shows that it's caused by signals originating in the brain and spinal cord in areas that were previously attached to the now missing limb. The body, unsure what to do with these connections now that the limb is gone, signal distress by causing painful sensations. Some people don't experience pain or discomfort but feel like their missing limb is there.

Despite progress, underground coal mining jobs remain hazardous

Coal mining in Alabama started almost two centuries ago, and the state now ranks among the most productive coal-producing states in the country. Even after all these years, and despite progress in making the industry safer, it continues to be more hazardous than most other industries. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that the rate of severe and fatal injuries in coal mining is almost triple the average rate in private sector occupations.

Unfortunately, coal mining will always be hazardous, and when employers are focused on production and getting the job done faster, your safety will depend on your ability to recognize the dangers and take precautions. Remember, you deserve a safe workplace, and it is crucial to take no chances and comply with prescribed safety standards.

How can nursing homes keep seniors engaged?

Nursing homes must meet a certain standard of care to maintain optimum health and wellness among residents. Along with ensuring people are safe and secure, staff should also take the proper steps to ensure residents are mentally engaged. Activities are key in this case, which is why the best nursing homes are getting innovative when it comes to entertaining residents. U.S. News & World Report explains how nursing homes can choose the best activities for residents. 

Nursing home staff should take the time to get to know residents. This allows them to create personalized activities that entertain many different types of people living within the confines of a nursing home. Because music can have a soothing impact on the elderly, especially those experiencing cognitive issues related to Alzheimer's or dementia, staff can arrange a listening party where residents can create their own playlists. Brain games are also beneficial to people experiencing memory issues. These activities can range in difficulty to accommodate many different residents. 

How is driving ability affected by age?

It's no secret that bodies change as people grow older. Some of these changes can even affect a person's ability to drive, which leads to a higher risk of crashes and serious injuries. MedicineNet.com explains how the natural aging process impacts driving and what older motorists must do to ensure they aren't involved in a serious collision, which could potentially harm themselves as well as others. 

Your senses play an important role while driving. Vision disorders like glaucoma and cataracts tend to affect older people at a more frequent rate. Additionally, these disorders tend to progress slowly, which makes it harder for a motorist to identify that they have a real issue. Hearing loss is another serious matter. If a driver is unable to hear a horn while driving they run the risk of making a maneuver that may have deadly consequences. 

Depression and workplace injuries

Many types of injuries are common in the workplace, such as falls on construction sites, while others are relatively rare. Regardless of the way in which someone is hurt while performing their job duties, however, their life may be shattered in any number of ways. In this post, we will look beyond the physical and financial hardships that are brought on by workplace injuries. Unfortunately, the mental challenges that workers face can be very difficult, and some even develop depression.

People may become depressed following an on the job injury for countless reasons. For starters, they may develop depression because of the various hardships they are facing in the wake of a work accident (such as financial issues, missing work and so on). Moreover, people may have to step down from hobbies that they have enjoyed, which could lead to depression, especially if someone has been training or preparing for certain activities and events for a very long amount of time.

Too much overtime can cause life-threatening hazards

Regardless of whether you work in a mine, on a construction site or driving a big rig, fatigue can be deadly. If you do not get sufficient rest, the risk of being involved in a workplace accident increases significantly. The U.S. Departments of Labor's Occupational Safety & Health Administration looks after employee safety nationwide, including Alabama. The agency prescribes safety standards and provides overtime guidelines.

Although the Fair Standards Labor Act prescribes 40-hour workweeks for most industries, there is no legal limit for the number of overtime hours you may work. However, OSHA warns that too much overtime makes workers significantly more vulnerable to occupational injuries.

When motorcycle passengers are hurt in a crash

On this blog, we have given a lot of attention to the various risks that motorcyclists face while on the road. These accidents lead to all sorts of injuries, and in some instances, claim lives. It is important to keep in mind that not only do those who operate motorcycles face these risks, but motorcycle passengers do as well. Whether someone is riding behind another person on a motorcycle or they are riding along in a sidecar, motorcycle passengers face the same hazards on the roadway. If you were hurt while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, you may need to examine your legal options.

Not only do motorcycle passengers face the same threats posed by other vehicles, but they have even less control over the motorcycle they are riding on. It is always important to make sure that the person operating a motorcycle is sober and capable of riding safely before riding along as a passenger. Unfortunately, even when motorcyclists are very cautious and do everything they can to prepare for the potential hazards on the road, they may become involved in a crash because of a reckless driver.

Why do I need motorcycle boots while riding?

Most motorcyclists in Alabama know how important the proper helmet is when riding. However, the protective gear doesn't stop there. You also want to take the right steps to ensure your feet are protected, which is why finding good motorcycle boots is so important. If you're not sure which boots are right for you, SaferAmerica.com offers the following information on how the right pair can protect you while you ride.

Good boots support your ankles

What is sundown syndrome?

Dealing with a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia can be extremely difficult. Many people experiencing cognitive decline related to aging often suffer from sundown syndrome, which can be challenging for caregivers when certain behaviors arise. SeniorLiving.org explains this disorder and how you can identify it in your loved one. 

Confusion is a component of many memory-related disorders. Many people experience increased agitation in the late afternoon and evening hours, with symptoms usually occurring well into the night. While there is no definable cause, certain occurrences have been known to trigger symptoms. As the light dims, the increase in shadows can confuse and agitate a person with cognitive issues. Problems with sleep schedule can also cause issues, since a person may be unable to sleep at night. Illness and fatigue are also considered contributing factors. 

Car crash risks to watch out for in the summer

There are many reasons why the summer months can be dangerous, especially when it comes to motor vehicle collisions. With Fourth of July celebrations, road trips, family vacations, traffic congestion and heat waves, there are many different reasons why the likelihood of an accident can be especially high during this time of the year. Unfortunately, many lives will be lost due to traffic accidents this summer, and even more people will sustain serious injuries that disrupt their lives in an array of ways.

During the summertime, many people like to take their boat out, ride motorcycles, drive to other parts of the state or go on vacation with their family. These activities can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous, especially if a driver becomes distracted or drowsy. Moreover, drivers may be unfamiliar with new areas and even those who decide to stay home for the summer may find themselves in a crash caused by a driver who is visiting the area.

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