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What are the signs of malnutrition?

When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you expect them to be afforded quality care. While this is true in many nursing facilities within Alabama, some homes fall well below a reasonable standard of care. This can lead to multiple health issues, including malnutrition if your loved one isn't being fed nutritious meals on a regular basis. Medical News Today explains some of the early signs of malnutrition and the impact it can have on a person. 

The foods we eat provide us with the essential vitamins and nutrients we need to live. As a result, when a person is lacking wholesome foods or doesn't eat enough, they'll present certain physical symptoms. Because nutrients provide energy to the body, a person who is undernourished will often appear tired and sluggish. He or she may also complain of constantly feeling cold and find it difficult to focus and concentrate. These problems are often seen in elderly people and may be exacerbated by a lack of nutritious foods. 

The risks involved with eating and drinking while driving

After you have been in a car accident in Jasper caused by the blatant negligence of another driver, your first thoughts may be what might have caused them to drive so recklessly. Could they have been intoxicated? Perhaps they were using their cell phones instead of paying attention to the road ahead. If neither of these scenarios appears to have been the case after an initial conversation with them, yet you can see food stains or spills on their clothing (or notice opened food containers or wrappers in their vehicle), then you may very well have become the victim of a form of distracted driving that many of those that visit us here at The Sapp Law Firm LLC find to be all too common. 

Eating and drinking while driving may not seem to be distracting to many due to the fact that we all have been doing both these activities for most of our lives (and as such, both seem to be such natural acts). Yet according to research data compiled in a joint effort between the Auto Alliance and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, people who eat and drink while driving are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in a car accident than those who do not. 

What are best practices when hiring truckers?

Truck drivers have a huge responsibility in front of them. Not only are they tasked with carrying precious cargo to and from multiple locations, they must also ensure they're operating their vehicles safely when behind the wheel. That means trucking companies must be extremely careful when hiring truckers, or they risk a serious accident. The Balance explains what trucking companies must look for to ensure safe operation, while also being aware of common red flags. 

The interview process should entail separate components. During the initial interview, have a person familiar with truck driving conduct the interview or at least sit in. It can be difficult for a person lacking the right experience to make a determination on a driver's prowess behind the wheel. During the second interview, the candidate should be asked to perform basic maneuvers while driving a truck. This can include things like backing up, shifting gears, and dealing with trailers. 

Which questions should I ask when looking for a nursing home?

Finding a good nursing home for a loved one is often a daunting prospect. You want to ensure your relative receives the best care available, which entails asking the right questions. Remember, not all nursing homes offer the same standard of care, and doing your homework will prevent you and your family from making the wrong decision. In this case, the National Institute on Aging recommends keeping the following information in mind while you search for care. 

What are your loved one's mental & physical needs?

What are chemical burns?

If you work with caustic chemicals on a regular basis, you're at risk of experiencing chemical burns. Chemical burns can be painful even if they're minor, but they can also cause serious injury in some cases, such as when a caustic chemical is inadvertently ingested. Healthline offers the following information on chemical burns so workers can take the proper steps to protect themselves. 

When chemical burns occur on the skin, they fall into different categories. Superficial burns affect the top layer of the skin, which is called the epidermis. The dermis is the second layer of the skin, and burns to this area are known as partial-thickness or dermal injuries. The most serious type of chemical burns affects the subcutaneous tissue, which is the third layer of skin. This is also known as a full-thickness injury. 

Auto accidents and immigration

Those who move to another country, for whatever purpose, may run into additional challenges along the way. Sometimes, these hardships can be very difficult, such as the unexpected loss of a job or being exposed to discrimination and racism in the workplace. Moreover, some people may find themselves in a car crash, which may be more likely for those who have immigrated to the U.S. for various reasons. Recovering from an accident can be especially difficult for those who are dealing with other hurdles in their daily lives.

Sometimes, those who move to another country may have difficulty understanding traffic laws, reading signage or adjusting to differences in traffic activity. They may also be stressed out or suffering from fatigue, not to mention some people can become distracted when they are not familiar with an area and have to rely on a device for directions. However, immigrants may also be struck by drunk drivers or those who choose to ignore speed limits and other traffic safety laws. They may be unfamiliar with certain roads that have an unusually high number of accidents and certain occasions when driving is especially dangerous (such as periods of heavy traffic congestion, ice and other weather-related hazards, etc.).

What should I do after a car accident?

Regardless of the extent of the damage, being involved in a car accident is a scary, confusing experience. That's why you should know how to react before an accident takes place, which helps keep your wits about you when dealing with police and other drivers involved. U.S. News & World Report offers the following advice so you can navigate the aftermath of an accident with relative ease. 

The police should be summoned to the scene as soon as possible. Even if there are no injuries, you should still contact local law enforcement. A police officer will help direct the flow of traffic around the scene, but he or she will also be integral in compiling a police report, which includes many pertinent details on what transpired. While waiting for the police, try to move your vehicle off the road if it's safe to do so. If not, set up warning triangles or flares to alert other drivers.

What is phantom limb pain?

Some people experience pain and other sensations in removed limbs after amputation. This phenomenon is referred to as phantom limb pain, which can cause quite a bit of distress for a person recovering from losing a limb. In many cases, phantom pain and sensations occur shortly after the surgery, but pain can be delayed for months in some instances. Fortunately, the healthcare field has greatly expanded its understanding of this condition, which means that patients are treated more effectively.

In the past, it was believed that phantom limb pain was solely a psychological issue. Advanced imaging technology shows that it's caused by signals originating in the brain and spinal cord in areas that were previously attached to the now missing limb. The body, unsure what to do with these connections now that the limb is gone, signal distress by causing painful sensations. Some people don't experience pain or discomfort but feel like their missing limb is there.

Despite progress, underground coal mining jobs remain hazardous

Coal mining in Alabama started almost two centuries ago, and the state now ranks among the most productive coal-producing states in the country. Even after all these years, and despite progress in making the industry safer, it continues to be more hazardous than most other industries. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that the rate of severe and fatal injuries in coal mining is almost triple the average rate in private sector occupations.

Unfortunately, coal mining will always be hazardous, and when employers are focused on production and getting the job done faster, your safety will depend on your ability to recognize the dangers and take precautions. Remember, you deserve a safe workplace, and it is crucial to take no chances and comply with prescribed safety standards.

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