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How is truck cargo secured?

Truckers must ensure their cargo is properly secured before heading out on their trip. Failure to properly secure cargo puts all other drivers at risk, especially if an accident occurs. There are actually a few different methods of securing cargo, as explained by Purdue University

Web straps are a common method of securing all types of cargo. In general, wider straps offer a greater advantage when it comes to load-bearing capacity. They're also quite versatile. For instance, they can be used to keep pallets in place, but are also useful for individual items, including things like heavy equipment. One major downside of web straps is their ability to be sheared away over time. This usually occurs when the cargo they're securing has rough or jagged edges. 

Bike racks and the risk of a crash

There are many hazards to watch out for on the road, such as reckless drivers who fail to stop when they are supposed to and those who operate a vehicle while they are intoxicated. Sometimes, less common risk factors can result in a crash, such as a driver who is trying to transport a bicycle (or some other object) on their bike racks. Sometimes, people may be careless or inexperienced, and they may not attach the bike to their vehicle properly, which can pose a serious risk to other vehicles that are on the road.

Someone may be surprised when a bicycle falls off of a vehicle in front of them. In some instances, they may collide with the bike, or collide with another vehicle after swerving abruptly in an attempt to avoid the bike. Drivers may try to transport other large items, such as surfboards, and when they fail to properly secure these objects they can result in a serious accident (especially if a mishap occurs at high speeds).

How can I ensure safety when road tripping with kids?

Going on a summer road trip with your family can be a great bonding experience. You want to ensure the proper safety measures are in place in this case, which will protect your family and make for a more comfortable experience overall. Parents Magazine explains what you can do to prepare for your big excursion this summer. 

Before setting out, make sure your vehicle is equipped with an emergency kit. An emergency kit can help you in case your vehicle breaks down and it takes a while for emergency services to arrive. Your kit should include items for your vehicle, such as jumper cables, flashlight, flares, and a tire jack in the event of a flat. You should also pack a first-aid kit, which can be helpful in the event of minor cuts and scrapes, as well as more serious injuries. 

What happens to the brain after experiencing trauma?

The brain is an amazing organ, especially in the way that this part of the body handles significant trauma. Brain trauma is a common type of car accident injury, and the nature of these injuries will differ from person to person. If you suffered any type of TBI in an Alabama car accident, it may be important for you to learn more about these types of injuries.

Every person's recovery from a brain injury will be different. How the brain reacts to different types of trauma differs from case to case, and it may not be immediately apparent how your TBI will specifically impact your life. You may find that you must contend with health complications that will require different types of support, therapy and medical care throughout your recovery.

What constitutes good dementia care?

If your loved one suffers from dementia or Alzheimer's, proper care is crucial. This is especially true for people living in nursing homes, who must receive sufficient dementia care to enjoy a good quality of life. In this case, the Mayo Clinic offers the following recommendations on how caregivers should treat patients experiencing cognitive decline. 

First and foremost, your loved one should be surrounded by a safe and secure environment. The risk of sustaining a serious injury increases when a person has dementia, and it's up to caregivers to prevent accidents from occurring. Nursing homes should be free of clutter, which could pose a falling hazard. Medications and other potentially hazardous items should also be locked away so residents don't inadvertently stumble upon them. Fire safety is also crucial. All nursing homes should be outfitted with the proper fire safety systems, including smoke alarms and fire extinguishers.

Can I prevent repetitive strain injuries?

Many workplaces in Alabama are brimming with hidden risks. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are just one example, which can be caused by computer use, hand tools, or even working on an assembly line. Over time, these injuries make it more difficult to perform common tasks and may even result in workers' compensation claims when damage is particularly severe.

RSI is characterized by pain in certain areas of your body. Pain often appears in the elbows, shoulders, neck, wrists, and hands depending on the nature of the strain. Other symptoms include muscle weakness, swelling, limited movement, temperature sensitivity, and a tingling feeling in the affected area. Symptoms can be caused by a number of strain conditions, such as tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and bursitis. 

What should you look for in a nursing home?

If you have made the decision to move a parent or loved one into a nursing home, you likely know that trying to find the right facility can be an emotionally overwhelming process. There are numerous nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Alabama, and choosing the best one may require a lot of time and energy. There are several vital factors to think about when looking for the best residence for your loved one.

Before you start touring facilities, you may want to create a list of the amenities and features that are important to you and your loved one. For example, if your parent is fairly active and social, you may want to look for a facility that offers numerous activities, field trips and social events. If your loved one needs specialized care for issues such as memory loss or diabetes, you may need to choose a nursing home with a large staff of medical providers.

What are the top 3 types of motorcycle injuries?

As a bike rider, nothing satisfies you more than taking to the Alabama roads on your favorite motorcycle. Unfortunately, however, other vehicles and the people who drive them often do not properly share the road with you. This can result in an accident in which you could sustain serious injuries.

OurEverydayLife.com warns that of all the injuries you could receive in a motorcycle accident, you are most likely to receive the following three:

  1. Head injury
  2. Broken bones
  3. Road rash

What factors increase your risks of bedsores?

Transferring your family member into a nursing home facility in Alabama is definitely not a decision to take lightly. In fact, you may be facing emotional turmoil as you strive to find a location that will meet your expectations for providing the type of compassionate care you desire for your loved one. 

One of your concerns may be whether or not your family member will be treated humanely by staff members and providers. A common injury in nursing home facilities is bedsores. These painful, sometimes open wounds, are prevalent among patients that are not regularly moved to allow their body to rest from prolonged pressure on the same areas. If your family member is left in a certain position too long, is not able to move independently and suffers from debilitating health conditions, he or she may be at a much higher risk of getting bedsores. 

Are women at higher risk for distracted driving?

Alabama drivers must be prepared for many types of distractions when driving, but many of those distractions come from within the vehicle and are not necessary. Distracted driving is a huge problem and things like eating, texting and caring for children can lead to a serious accident or even death. According to the Insurance Journal, those who text while driving are six times more likely to crash than those who opt for an audio phone call.

Although the statistics are clear, drivers continue to text and drive as they often have separation anxiety or a fear of missing out. A recent study determined that women are more likely than men to use their mobile phone while driving. The study also reports that almost 68% of the participants had to be convinced that texting and driving is dangerous before they believed it.

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