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Attorney For Coal Miners Injured In Accidents

At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we represent coal miners who work at mines in Walker County, Jefferson County and Tuscaloosa County. We handle all coal mine accident cases, from workers' compensation claims to on-the-job personal injury claims.

Cases we handle may involve mine collapses, shuttle car accidents, forklift accidents, rock truck accidents and other types of coal mining equipment accidents. When you choose our law firm, you will work with a Jasper coal mine accident lawyer with more than a decade of experience.

For a free consultation concerning your rights after a coal accident, call 205-282-4467. From our office in Jasper, we serve coal miners and their families in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and beyond.

Immediate Action Is Necessary

Coal miners are high-wage earners, and they often are the primary source of revenue for a family. When that revenue is cut off because of an injury, the struggle to make ends meet begins immediately. That is why it is important to choose an attorney who will take immediate action to determine your potential sources of compensation and pursue them to make certain you can get money coming in to feed your family.

Working With Mining Experts

In these cases, we may need to bring in experts in mine construction and safety, experts in mining equipment and other experts to help us understand exactly what went wrong. Did a rib roll occur because the mine was not built properly? Was an equipment defect the cause? We will find out what happened and take the appropriate action to get you results.

Talk To A Coal Mine Accident Lawyer Today

To schedule a free consultation about your rights after a coal accident, call 205-282-4467 or contact us toll free at 888-821-0531. You may also contact us by email.