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Lawyer For Swimming Pool Accidents

At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we have more than a decade of experience handling cases involving swimming pool accidents. These cases may involve people diving into pools and suffering head injuries or spine injuries, or they may involve drowning. They may also involve slip-and-fall accidents that occurred in the pool area.

For a free consultation, call 205-282-4467. From our office in Jasper, we serve victims of swimming pool accidents in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and beyond.

Backyard Swimming Pool Injury Cases

These cases typically involve a backyard swimming pool that was not properly fenced in, allowing child access. The law requires that these pools be fenced in and that gates be closed and locked. When they are left open and a child is injured or drowns in the pool, the property owner can be held responsible.

Negligent supervision may also be an issue in backyard swimming pool-related cases. If your child was invited to swim in someone's pool, but the property owner failed to supervise and your child was hurt, action can be taken with the help of a Jasper swimming pool accident attorney at our law firm.

Public Pool Injury Cases

In certain circumstances, actions may be taken against hotels, municipalities and other owners of public pools after an injury has occurred. We will review your case to determine the options available and help you pursue compensation when possible.

Contact A Lawyer For Pool Drowning Or Slip-And-Fall Accident

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