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Attorney For Victims Of Dog Bites

Have you or a loved one been attacked and hurt by a dog? Has your child been the victim of a dog bite?

At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we have decades of experience helping people like you seek compensation for these injuries. We know that these cases often have unique elements. For example, in these cases, a child may be bitten on the face. Even with scar revision surgeries, the child may grow up with visible scars. There is a psychological trauma to this that may not be present in other personal injury cases.

For a free consultation concerning a dog bite injury, call 205-282-4467. From our office in Jasper, our attorney serves clients in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and beyond.

Dangerous breeds and household pets may cause serious harm. We know that these cases do not always involve the stereotypical dangerous breeds of dogs. Yes, pit bulls and Rottweilers can cause serious harm, but so can even smaller dog breeds, particularly when the victim is a young child. We are prepared to handle dog attack cases involving any breed.

Dog Bite Claims Are Typically Premises Liability Claims

Dog bite claims are typically premises liability claims. Even if the attack does not occur on the dog owner's property, the claim will typically be filed with the dog owner's home insurance policy. Ultimately, our goal is to make certain that you obtain all of the money you need to move forward. To do that, we will find all potential sources of compensation.

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