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Attorney For Day Care Injuries

When a child is injured while under the supervision of a day care, the day care may be held accountable. These cases can arise from playground accidents, improper supervision and unsafe premises. At The Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we know the law. We have more than a decade of experience helping parents seek compensation for children who have been injured at Alabama day care facilities.

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What Caused The Child Injury?

Personal injury cases that involve children who have been hurt come with a unique challenge: the child, often very young, may not have the ability to clearly express what went wrong. A Jasper day care injury lawyer must rely on other sources to gain an understanding of why an accident happened and how it should have been prevented. We are skilled at doing just that, and can bring in experts as necessary to help us get to the bottom of a case.

More often than not, day care accidents involve negligent supervision. The person or people who have been paid to watch the children were simply not doing their jobs. They may have been in a different room, on the phone or engaged in some other activity. In the meantime, the child may have fallen from playground equipment, been hurt by another child or injured in some other way that could have been prevented with proper supervision.

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