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Are long trucker commutes endangering motorists?

Commuting times have increased for Alabama workers across multiple industries, and the trucking industry is no exception. As the trucking field has grown, so has the distance between many major metropolitan areas and affordable housing options, which means many truckers now face commutes in excess of 150 minutes. Unfortunately, longer trucker commutes have negative effects on trucker performance, which endangers not only the truckers themselves, but also you and everyone else on the roadway.

Understanding federal hours-of-service regulations

Many working professionals in Jasper may never think to go into a work meeting while drowsy, yet may not think twice about getting behind the wheel while sleep deprived. That may be because many may place more value on their job performance than daily ancillary activities like driving. Following this line of thinking, one might assume that those who drive professionally would also never drive while drowsy. Statistics show, however, that this is not always the case. Data shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows commercial vehicle drivers (including those operating tractor trailers) are among the most likely to drive drowsy. 

The do’s and don’ts of driving around big rigs

Every time you take to the roads in Alabama, you run the risk of coming in contact with commercial trucks, and even if you always maintain safe driving practices, sharing the road with such large, heavy vehicles poses various risks. At the Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we have a firm understanding of the types of accidents and injuries that often result from car-and-truck crashes, and we have helped many clients seek recourse after suffering injury because of the actions of negligent truck drivers.

Drowsy driving and truck accidents: Preventative tips

If you travel frequently on I-65 or I-22 in the vicinity of Jasper and Birmingham, then you know this part of the state sees a lot of traffic from large commercial trucks. In fact, because of the size and weight of their vehicles, truck drivers are legally held to a higher standard of safety than drivers of smaller vehicles.

Proposed mandate for semi-truck speed-limiting devices hit snag

Motorists across Alabama and the United States have little choice when it comes to sharing the road with large trucks, and a proposal intended to make roadways safer has hit an unanticipated snag. Per the Insurance Journal, the president recently signed an order that places the implementation of the proposed speed-limiting devices in jeopardy, citing that doing so would hinder hiring and hurt business interests.

Semi-truck side guards could save lives

Sharing Alabama’s roadways with large trucks is an unavoidable reality for most motorists, and when cars and commercial trucks collide, cars frequently find themselves on the losing end. Recent test results involving semi-truck side guards indicate that these relatively simple enhancements have the potential to save numerous lives, and some are pushing for new mandates that would require all semi-truck companies to install them on their fleets.

Where are a commercial truck’s no-zones?

As someone who regularly drives Alabama’s roadways, you cannot help but encounter commercial trucks. If you are like many motorists, you may try and avoid driving around these massive, and massively heavy, vehicles as much as possible, but there are times when you have no choice but to share the road with them. Just as you have blind spots that make it tough to see certain areas outside your car while at the wheel, semi-truck drivers do, too. Knowing where they exist may help you learn to avoid or navigate around them.

Drowsy driving a likely factor in semi-truck crash that injured 2

A semi-truck driver is believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel before crashing into two vehicles from an Alabama sheriff’s office and sending two law enforcement officials to the hospital. Per WTVY, multiple witnesses at the scene in Houston County reported hearing the truck driver say he fell asleep at the steering wheel in the moments immediately preceding the crash.

New truckers not required to do any behind-the-wheel training

The injuries that result when cars and commercial trucks collide can prove serious and deadly, and motorists across Alabama and the U.S. may now face an even higher risk of such an accident. Per, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has enacted its Final Rule for Entry-Level Driver requirements, and many safety advocates are angered about the rule’s lack of mandatory behind-the-wheel training for new drivers.

Drug testing truckers’ hair remains a hot-button issue

Some of the nation’s largest trucking companies want federal approval to administer drug tests on commercial truckers across Alabama and the United States using their hair, in addition to already approved tests that rely on urine. According to Bloomberg BNA, the group of truckers and the American Trucking Association are among those who feel that this would help employers more effectively screen new hires and minimize drug-related accidents on U.S. roadways.


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