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Collision between SUV and motorcycle in Grand Bay kills teen

A common phrase that is often included in stories detailing motorcycle accidents in Walker is "authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash." Some might question the need to expend resources looking into accidents when the results of such investigations will do little to change their outcomes. While assigning fault in a car accident does not change its results, it may offer answers and a degree of closure to those affected by it. It might also help provide those looking to overcomes the losses they sustain with the compensation needed to do so. 

A local family has indeed been left distraught after a teenage boy was recently killed in a motorcycle accident in Grand Bay. The young man was described as a popular student and athlete. Authorities are still looking into the cause of the collision between the young man's motorcycle and an SUV (although they believe that it was the motorcycle that struck the vehicle). The driver of the SUV was uninjured in the crash. The accident occurred as the teen was headed home from school and less than a half a mile from the home of one his good friends. 

Are cars at fault for distracted driving?

Alabama readers know that distracted driving is a problem, both in the state and beyond. Despite education programs, awareness programs and even laws prohibiting this dangerous behavior, it continues to be a serious threat to the health and safety of all motorists. One of the main sources of distracted driving is cell phone use, but there are a number of distractions that come from cars.

More and more vehicles now come standard with various features that could actually pose a risk to drivers. While these features are for both entertainment of passengers and the convenience of the driver, they may actually be dangerous. There is increasing evidence that these infotainment systems could lead to a higher chance of a distracted driving accident.

Protecting loved ones in a nursing home

Finding a new place of residence for an elderly loved one can be a difficult and emotional process. However, some positive aspects of senior living facilities are various daily activities and outlets, wholesome meals, open visitation hours and around-the-clock care. These are only a few of the many advantages of placing a family member or close friend in proper elder care. Alabama is home to many of these facilities, but is not entirely free of the staff-related incidents that can sometimes occur in such institutions. Becoming knowledgeable about potential risks and other common issues can help prevent mishaps down the road, and can provide further security for a beloved resident. 

To become well informed about nursing home standards and procedures, it is crucial to know the common problems that can occur. Findlaw defines some of these issues, and shows warning signs to look out for when checking on a loved one in a nursing home. Proper diet, hygenic services, appropriate shelter and clothing and medical care are among the many services provided by most elderly residential care facilities. Discovering that any of these needs are not being met can be a shocking and upsetting experience; however, Findlaw adds that the degree of illegality can depend on the severity of the neglect. 

Woman's wild run leaves three wrecked cars in its wake

Some might say that car accidents in Jasper are like snowflakes: No two are exactly alike. While the end result of many may seem similar, it is typically the circumstances leading up to accidents that differs. Sometimes they are indeed due to legitimate mistakes or simple errors in judgment, while other times they are the direct result of the negligent or reckless actions of others. When a person's disregard for the safety of others causes a collision, accident victims may find themselves searching for answers on top of the assistance needed to deal with their accident expenses

Answers will hopefully be coming soon to those involved in a wild series of events in South Carolina. It all began when a woman wrecked her boyfriend's stolen car along a local road. She was then picked up by another driver who offered to take her to a local town. Yet during the trip, she yanked on the steering wheel causing another collision. After the driver exited the vehicle to check on others involved in the accident, the woman drove away in the car, which she also wrecked soon thereafter. She left the scene, only to later return with a tow truck driver to find law enforcement officials waiting for her. Yet even after her arrest, she slipped out of her handcuffs and then proceeded to steal the officers' car, which she also then crashed following a chase with police. 

Does your employer do its part to prevent workplace cancer?

Your Alabama work environment can have a serious impact on your overall health, and this holds true regardless of the type of field you work in. Some professions have more obvious risks than others in terms of employee exposure to chemicals and hazardous substances, but regardless of whether the risks you face are overt or more under the radar, your employer has a duty to minimize them as much as possible.

Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Asbestos, radon and diesel exhaust are among the cancer-causing substances present in many work environments, but secondhand smoke and prolonged sun exposure, too, can enhance your risk of developing work-related cancer. Your odds of developing cancer because of something in your work environment also spike considerably if you smoke, are overweight or are otherwise unhealthy, which is why many employers are increasingly implementing health and wellness programs aimed at improving employees’ overall well-being.

Are long trucker commutes endangering motorists?

Commuting times have increased for Alabama workers across multiple industries, and the trucking industry is no exception. As the trucking field has grown, so has the distance between many major metropolitan areas and affordable housing options, which means many truckers now face commutes in excess of 150 minutes. Unfortunately, longer trucker commutes have negative effects on trucker performance, which endangers not only the truckers themselves, but also you and everyone else on the roadway.

Per, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is looking into conducting a survey that would help answer questions about just how much long commutes impact truckers and roadway safety. The agency noted that long commutes can affect trucker performance in a number of ways, with one of the more notable being that long commutes enhance trucker fatigue. Long commutes mean semi-truck drivers have less time for rest, recreation and family, which in turn leads to excessive fatigue, which can impact safety considerably.

Knowing the warning signs of elder abuse

Nursing homes are where people can take loved ones for medical attention, safety, wellbeing and peace of mind -- not for mistreatment. After the revealing of the horrors that some elderly residents faced as a result of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the country has given significant attention to the varying states of nursing homes nationwide. But nevertheless, tragic stories of neglect continue to surface. In Alabama, elderly residents have rights to basic necessities and quality care; when this care is compromised, those residents and their families may decide to take legal action.

Last month, WHNT News reported on an incident that hardly helped this bleak reflection on nursing homes in America. In early November, a Florence nurse was found sexually assaulting an elderly patient; when another member of the staff witnessed the incident, the nurse attempted to hide. Making matters worse, the patient suffered from an injury while attempting to fend off his attacker. Yet the situation did not end there, as the nurse faced charges for sodomy and elder abuse. 

How to spot a drunk driver

You're driving down the road on your way to meet some friends at a restaurant for dinner and you notice a car in the next lane veering from side to side. The driver also appears to be hitting the brakes a little too often and at random times that aren't consistent with the current traffic pattern. Situations like this place you at great risk of a collision.

The problem is while there may be times when you can ensure a safe distance between yourself and a potentially impaired motorist, there may be other times when there's nothing you can do to avoid an accident. Even if you notice a potentially hazardous situation, there may not be enough time to safely react to avoid a crash. That's why it's crucial to know ahead of time what resources are available if you suffer injuries due to a drunk driver's negligence or recklessness.

CNA charges with sexual assault, elder abuse

Alabama residents who have elderly family members that require ongoing physical care and help with activities of daily living often have to make the choice to move their loved ones into care homes. From assisted living facilities to full-fledged nursing homes and even those locations that specialize in memory care, there is a great range of options. However, no matter what level of assistance an elderly person needs, relatives have to also be concerned about safety.

Safety in a nursing home does not just mean keeping a person from falling, although that is certainly important. Sadly in today's world it also means keeping people safe and free from being neglected, abused and even assaulted. Reports have surfaced about the recent arrest of a certified nurse's assistant at the Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Florence. Tis arrest highlights the reality of elder abuse all too clearly.

Understanding Alabama’s car accident compensation laws

If you live in Alabama and suffer an injury in a car accident, you may have questions about what types of compensation you might be able to claim, and whether you must adhere to a certain schedule or timeline to pursue it. At the Sapp Law Firm, L.L.C., we have a firm understanding of Alabama’s unique laws surrounding car accidents and compensation, and we have helped many clients seek recourse and rebuild their lives after suffering injury on state roadways.

Per Findlaw, Alabama operates on a “fault” or “tort” system, meaning you must prove that the other driver involved in your accident was responsible for causing the injuries you suffered if you wish to receive money in an insurance claim. Thus, if you wish to obtain compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages or what have you, you must demonstrate to the other party’s insurance company that their client was, in fact, at fault for the accident.


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